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Curtains & Blinds

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Kings Hill Interiors produce beautiful, high-quality, handmade curtains and blinds. As standard, we hand-sew, pattern-match and interline (a thicker layer on lining to add weight and warmth) to all our curtains and blinds to give them a sumptuous look.

Curtain Headings to choose from:

Double Pleat


Pencil Pleat

Triple Pleat


Goblet Pleated



Blinds to choose from:

Roman Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Roof Blinds

Roller Blinds

Vertical Blinds


Roman Blinds

As standard roman blinds are bonded-lined, chrome-chain and self-stacked, with different linings available, such as blackout lining. The reason we recommend bonded-lined blinds is that it makes the folds soft instead of sharp making them look more sumptuous. Chains come in several colours, antique brass, brass, bronze, chrome, pewter and white. Self-stacked means that when the blind is pulled up, it lets in as much light as possible. Alternately waterfall stacked shows the fabric off more but blocks a little more light from entering the room.

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