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Soft Furnishings

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As standard we supply and fill with feather pads. We can offer alternatives if you are allergic or prefer polyester pads. If you already have your own pads, we can exclude pads from your quote. Cushions come in all shapes and sizes, like most of our products, and can be plain, with piping, trimmings, boarders, contrast sides and place the zips in different places to make them bespoke to you.


Throws come hand in hand with cushions, adding warmth to the room with more fabric. We can supply show throws, which act as a runner on the bottom of your bed. For a more luxurious look we can supply full throws. We recommend choosing a fabric that can be turned on its side, so there are no joins. However, where that isn’t an option, we will make the joins as discreet as possible. Finally, the contrast fabric is normally plain and double width (300 cm) to guarantee that there will be no join on the back.

Bed Valances

One of the main things to consider with a bed valance is if you have draws underneath, where they are situated and how many there are. We will make a home visit to measure your bed as we cannot assume it is a standard size as every brand of bed varies in width and length.


Tiebacks can be wooden, metal, rope or made in the same or in a complimentary fabric to your curtains.

Swags & Tails

These are a formal and more traditional window dressing to cover tracks and replace poles and pelmets. The size of your window will determine how many swags you’ll need. Often purchased with a pair of curtains in the same fabric, tails look amazing with a contrasting fabric on the back.

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