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Terms & Conditions

In the following text, the contractor Kings Hill Interiors (KHI), sets out the Terms and Conditions associated with KHI’s interior design consultations, herein referred to as the T&C’s. 

1a. Initial consultations will be free of charge and will be held under a no obligation basis. A written quote for the services required will be provided after the initial consultation. Quotes are valid for 60 days after issue. Thereafter it may be necessary for KHI to re-quote for their services. 

1b. If a customer wishes to proceed with an order, the customer will be required to inform KHI in writing. The agreement in writing (including electronic mail) will act as agreement from the customer that they accept KHI’s enclosed T&C's. The customer may also wish to accept the quotation verbally: In this instance, the deposit payment will act as acceptance of the quote provided and the acceptance of KHI’s enclosed T&C's. These T&C's are contractual between KHI and its customers. Therefore, you should only accept this agreement if you wish to be bound by them. 


2a. For KHI to provide its customers with an accurate estimate of costs it is usually necessary to visit the customer’s home/office to carefully measure the interior/windows. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the areas requiring assessment are clear of items that may prevent accurate measurements being taken. 

2b. If a customer wishes to provide their own measurements to KHI, then KHI will only provide the product to these specifications and KHI will accept no liability if these measurements are incorrect. Errors can be rectified by KHI but will be at an additional cost to the customer. Therefore, we recommend to customers that KHI be allowed to visit the premises requiring work to take our own measurements. 


3a. Once a quote has been accepted by the customer, KHI will require a minimum, non-refundable, deposit of at least 50%. The amount of deposit required will be made clear on the quotation provided to the customer and is at the discretion of KHI. Work on the project will not commence until the non-refundable deposit has been paid and payment has 'cleared'. 

3b. Upon completion of the work quoted for, the customer will be issued with a final invoice. The outstanding payment is due one day before delivery/fitting is scheduled. The finished goods will not be delivered or fitted until final payment is made. If it is necessary to post items to customers, KHI reserve the right to pass on this cost to the customer if postage was not quoted at the quotation stage. 

3c. KHI will not hold items and delivery of goods will be arranged once they are ready. 

3d. All payments to KHI should be made by direct bank transfer to: 

Name: Kings Hill Interiors 

Sort Code: 40 31 06 

Account Number: 52814455 

Fabric provided by supplier or client 

4a. KHI will not be held responsible for any material going out of stock between quotation/acceptance and the purchase of materials/parts. If this affects the delivery timescale, KHI will inform the customer of the new estimated delivery date to seek their approval to continue with the order. If the revised date of materials/parts are unacceptable to the customer, KHI will look to find an alternative that may require a second visit to discuss with client. Failing that will provide a full refund minus costs incurred on the job 

4b. In the event that KHI must order fabric from two different batches, KHI will not take any responsibility for any dye batch differences.

4c. If the customer provides their own fabric, KHI will not be responsible for any flaws, faults or inconsistency of pattern.


5a. If the item is wider than one width of fabric (137cm) then it may be necessary for KHI to use more than one width of material, if this is the case it may be necessary to sew multiple pieces together. KHI will make the join sympathetically and attempt to conceal it wherever possible. The customer accepts that this may be required and accepts this as part of the T&C's.


6a. KHI can advise and supply customers on fixtures and fittings. If the customer requires a third party to fit them, KHI will provide details of professional fitters for you. However, it is up to the customer and the fitter to agree the terms of trade and financial settlement for their services. KHI take no responsibility for any costs or damage to property during and after the attachment of such fixtures/fittings by third party contractors.

6b. All roman/roller blinds will be, as required by law, fitted with safety bead chain/cord boxes. Should you, the customer, refuse the fitting of the safety devices or remove them once the fitters leave your premises, KHI will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.

Repair, Replace & Refund

7a. Once curtains, blinds or other soft furnishings supplied by KHI are delivered/fitted, it is the responsibility of the customer to check over the finished product and notify KHI of any problems within 48 hours. The customer will notify KHI of any defects you discover within the first 48 hours. Where a valid claim exists, KHI may repair or replace, the goods free of charge. 

7b. In the unlikely event you are not happy with your final products, please contact KHI within the 48-hour period. Refunds can only be given if the product does not match the specification on the Invoice or is faulty. The products will need to be brought back or inspected on site to determine the next step. If refund is accepted monies will be returned within 30 days. 

7c. KHI Shall have no liability in respect of any defect arising from 1) fair wear and tear, 20 wilful damage, 3) negligence in using or caring for the goods, 4) failure to follow the manufactures or KHI advice and recommendations, 5) misuse, 6) third party alterations or repairs to the goods. 

After Care 

7d. KHI do not accept responsibility for fabric behaviour once it is in its intended destination. Any shrinkage due to high humidity, improper cleaning, damage from mid-shaping caused by mis-handling, other improper use or any other reason will not be the fault of KHI. 

Nobody else has any rights under this contract, it is between you and us. 

These terms are governed by English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Laws. 

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